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Testimonials from the Community

“Maravilla Foundation made a difference in how I feel about myself.”
-Victor Soto, East Los Angeles, 18 years old

“My old water heater always broke down and was so noisy that my children couldn’t sleep at night. We just couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Maravilla installed one for us for free and now we can sleep comfortably and even take warm showers.”
-Liliana Mendoza, Bell

“I am a single mom with two children living on a fixed income. I was not financially able to buy a new refrigerator – my old one was 27 years old and a hand-me-down from my grandmother. Maravilla installed a beautiful, new, energy-saving refrigerator for me for free. Now, I’m saving money from lower utility bills.”
-Yvonne Urrutia, Los Angeles

“The WIA program opened up my eyes and made me realize that employment opportunities exist for people like me. I was able to receive vocational training in Fiber Optics, a career I wish to pursue. I have learned not to be scared in life, to go out with confidence and see what life has to offer. Thank you, Maravilla, for your help.”
-Raul Giles Rodas, 18 years old

“Being a single mom with two children and living on disability benefits has made it difficult for me to make ends meet. There were times when I could not afford to buy food. When I couldn’t afford to pay my utility bill, Maravilla took care of it right away. I don’t know what I would have done without that help.”
-Jana Kirkland, Pasadena

“My old furnace was so old and broken down that I became worried it would explode and hurt my young children. Now that we have a new furnace, we feel much safer. Thank you, Maravilla, for the service to our family and to our community.”
-Sandra Lujan, Los Angeles

“The Maravilla Community Center is in my neighborhood and it’s like a second home to me. Since I began volunteering there and making new friends, my mental and physical health continues to improve.”
-Monica Colmenero, Age 75

“My husband is handicapped and is unable to do much around the house. After Maravilla made all the necessary repairs, the overall condition of our home and the quality of our lives improved. If it wasn’t for that help, our home would have deteriorated since we couldn’t have afforded the high cost of labor and materials.”
-Alana Lee Stephens, La Puente

“The Maravilla Youth Foundation was a blessing to me. Maravilla helped me so much by providing after school tutoring, field trips, bus tokens, internet access, summer jobs, tours of colleges such as USC, UCLA, Cal State LA… It’s helped me grow and mature into a better person. Maravilla taught me responsibility, goal setting, respect, how to fill out an application, how to dress properly for a work interview, first aid… Beside all these great benefits, Maravilla was a great place to hang around and make new friends.”
-Victor Soto, East Los Angeles, Garfield High School student

“If it wasn’t for Maravilla, my life long goal of entering college, Cal State LA, would not have been possible. Thanks to the knowledge I have gained through its workshops, tutoring, mentoring and leadership activities, I have learned that everything is possible and that you can achieve your goals no matter what obstacles you face in life.”
-Abigail Pineda, 18 years old