Any community is only as strong as its families. Through the Maravilla Foundation, no-cost and high-quality social services have been provided to countless neighborhoods, particularly low-income neighborhoods that could benefit the most. Their energy conservation programs not only save our citizens' money, but conserve our natural resources while improving all of our lives. It has been a pleasure to work with the Maravilla Foundation on the many crucial issues facing our low-income communities today. Thank you, Maravilla Foundation.

Richard Alarcon
Los Angeles City Councilmember,
Council District 7
Former Senator, 20th District


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Housing and Energy Services
Southern California Gas Direct Assistance Program (DAP)

Gas customers who take advantage of this program can receive a range of fuel-efficient weatherization services, such as getting their attics insulated, their doors and windows replaced, and their furnaces repaired or replaced. Over 100,000 homes have been weatherized by Maravilla since the program began in 1987. Just as important are the energy education workshops, “how to” classes on energy-saving practices that can conserve energy and cut gas bills. More than 4,000 customers take part in these workshops each year, and everyone whose home gets weatherized also receives in-home energy education brochures—about 12,000 each year. Our service area for all DAP programs has grown, reaching from Los Angeles east to the city of Montclair, and is now expanding north, to the Central Valley, particularly in Kern and Tulare Counties.

Southern California Edison Energy Management Assistance (EMA)

Edison customers who are income eligible can have energy-saving refrigerators installed and their old refrigerators will be taken out and properly disposed of. They can also have as many as five energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps delivered to their homes; evaporative coolers installed or replaced, and full air conditioning installation and window air conditioning services. About 10,000 customers receive services from this program every year. Its service area has grown from Los Angeles County to households as far north as Kern County.

State of California Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Weatherization: Qualified low income homeowners and renters can receive a range of energy-saving and safety services, from attic insulation, refrigerator replacement, and carbon monoxide testing, to installation of energy-saving devices, minor home repairs, and information packets about energy conservation. Maravilla has outreach offices in Lancaster, Pasadena, East Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles, and since the program began, over 30,000 customers have had their residences upgraded.Furnace Repair/Replacement: This effort repairs or replaces unsafe or non-operable furnaces for eligible clients located in assigned zip codes. Over 2,500 furnaces are serviced per year, and over 15,000 clients have been serviced since the beginning of the program.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Eligible clients who can’t always afford to pay their utility bills, can have their bills paid for them by the Maravilla Foundation. Eligibility is determined by ZIP codes. Priority clients are senior citizens, the disabled and families with small children. Each is eligible for once-a-year assistance, which averages almost $200 per household, and totals over one million dollars a year. Clients are also enrolled in energy education workshops to help them cut energy costs. Maravilla has been administering this program since 1989, to more than 4,000 households and 50 zip codes throughout California. HEAP’s outreach offices are in Lancaster, Pasadena, East Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles.